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What If I Have a Skin Disorder / Swelling / Fluid Retention Can I Use Transdermal Magnesium?

Many people are now suffering from toxic build up because we are exposed more than ever before to higher levels of chemicals, fluoride in the water and food supply, mercury, food additives, EMFs and many more stresses - the list goes on. When the liver becomes overloaded and can't process efficiently anymore, the body tries to use the skin as the next organ of excretion and you will see symptoms of eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis - even acne... Others will also get fluid retention, swelling and excess fat build up. These symptoms are evidence that the body is under pressure to eliminate. You will find in these people that they are usually also dehydrated and don't have enough clean water passing through the cells to enable them to flush out toxins very well. I always recommend to build up to drinking at least 3 litres in a 24 hour period of clean filtered water - remineralised and alkaline - (NOT fluoridated tap water which is toxic), and more water if they perspire a lot.

Very oily skin will be slower to absorb the cream because of the rich plant butters and oils. In this case soaking or bathing in magnesium water, and application of the Magnesium Oil Spritz is better. In the more mature mid-to-dry skin range the Magnesium Cream is taken up very well and adds beautiful condition and anti-ageing effect to the epidermis. It holds water and hydration for most of the day - and will even continue to draw moisture from the air to the skin. Without the help of the extra plant oils the water-based Magnesium Oil can sit on top of dry skin too long and feel filmy or sticky. You can add the Magnesium Oil Spritz to top up the Magnesium Cream in places that may be sore or swollen, like tight muscles, joints and painful areas like lower back, shoulder muscles, etc. The Spritz is water based, but has a higher concentration of magnesium and adds a 'super-charge' to a particular area.

When we do shows and expos we always have a demonstration for people with a sore or stiff part of the body. We apply a small amount of Magnesium Cream and Spritz on top, massage in and tell them to walk around for half an hour and come back to tell us how they feel. With very few exceptions they come back pleasantly surprised, and buy some magnesium products. They feel a loosening up and relief quite quickly. We call it, ‘WD40 for the body'!

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