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Magnesium Salt Flakes

Available in 2 Sizes –

  • 250g AUD$22.25 
  • or 1kg AUD$49.20

Prices include P & H
(Australia Wide)

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Our products contain only PURE SOURCE Magnesium Salt flakes (food grade) that have been naturally evaporated from salt water located 3,200m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau. The Magnesium Salt Flakes contain magnesium chloride plus other natural sea trace minerals (no sodium). And they have been lab tested to show NO mercury or lead.

Recommended dilution for…

  • Foot Soaking - 1 dessertspoon in half a bucket of Hot Water,

  • Bathing -1 cup per half a bath,

  • Mouthwash - 1 tsp per 250 - 300ml) purified water. Store solution away from sunlight,

  • Mineral Water – Remineralise drinking water after distillation, reverse osmosis or filtering rain water by adding about 3 -5  flakes to 1 litre.

  • Massage or Compress – 50g or 60g per 100ml of water (adjust for sensitive skin). In addition you can also massage in a plant oil to soothe and moisturise the skin.

Higher concentrations may be used to the above recommendations to suit individual needs. But please remember the higher the concentration, the faster the absorption rate, however higher concentrations can give a temporary prickly sensation. Simply adjust to suit individual needs.

You may be interested to read the following article - “How and When Should I Apply the Magnesium Salt Flakes / Magnesium Oil Spritz / Magnesium Cream?‘Click Here’ to read.

In one 1kg bag of flakes there is approx 156 grams (156,000mg) of elemental magnesium, ie. 156mg elemental magnesium per one gram of flakes.

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 46% MgCl2)
pH = 7

Please note: The Magnesium Salt Flakes are deliquescent meaning they will draw moisture if exposed to the air for too long. Please keep air tight.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes and sensitive areas when undiluted. If you experience a stinging sensation, dilute further.

Available in 2 Sizes –

  • 250g AUD$22.25 
  • or 1kg AUD$49.20

Prices include P & H
(Australia Wide)

For other destinations please ‘Click Here’

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