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How and When Should I Apply the Magnesium Salt Flakes / Magnesium Oil Spritz / Magnesium Cream?

Magnesium can be applied any time of the day, as needed. All the products can be combined and the more opportunity you give the body to take what it needs, the better. Soaking in hot water (foot soak or bathing) with dissolved magnesium flakes is excellent because it not only gives the body the opportunity to absorb magnesium, but it also takes the opportunity to release some toxins back into the water. Have a magnesium soak every night of the week or just 2-3 times a week – whatever people can do to fit with lifestyle. That's why it's a good idea also to apply the magnesium cream moisturiser every day. The Spritz can be applied directly to cramps or sore muscles and joints for relaxing the muscles and stimulating healthy blood flow. Magnesium acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Of course, salons should use the magnesium water only once per client, however at home people can share the magnesium foot soak with their partner in the comfort of the lounge room while watching TV, or reheat the Magnesium water a second time to get more out of it. Then sprinkle on the garden for the plants. After a couple of times the water can get too dirty, so it’s best not to use it more than twice. Some people add a large amount to their spa and leave it there because the spa filter removes the dirt particles, but not the magnesium because magnesium is completely water soluble. You can add flakes to the kids’ bath water and a couple of flakes to your pet’s drinking water to make sure the whole family has access to magnesium.

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