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Common Symptoms That Improve With Earthing

An extract from the book "Earthing -The most important health discovery ever?" by Clint Ober

In general, people feel a greater sense of well-being when they are grounded. The sicker the individual, the more striking the gains. Older folks rapidly feel the spark of improved circulation and energy. Colour, vitality, and outlook on life are transformed. Swollen joints and varicose veins subside. Some with many health issues are frequently different people after just a week or two of Earthing. Sure, they will still have those same issues, but they are getting better. One or more sources of pain are being reduced. They become more functional. Often they have told me, "I have my life back again"

Many women with menstrual issues have confided to me - a man and stranger in their lives - that their periods are smoother after they started Earthing. I was once speaking at a health conference and was having a chat with a doctor and his wife afterward. I noticed that the wife had a painful look on her face. I asked her if she was okay. She said openly that it was PMS (PMT) I asked her if she would let me see if grounding could help her. I sat down nearby, where I was demonstrating Earthing, and applied a grounded electrode patch for fifteen minutes on the palm of her hand. At the end of that time, she had a different look on her face. She said most of her discomfort had cleared up. The next day the doctor called me to say they his wife had felt so good that she was exercising on the mini-trampoline in their home. Usually, he said, she was down for a week.

Women in midlife often describe less discomfort from typical hormonal swings with grounding.

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The main thing I have seen with children is a rapid calming effect. After grounding kids, parents are usually quite eager to have them traipsing around barefoot in the backyard. Nowadays, the first thing a kid will do in the morning is put on his or her shoes and the last thing at night is take them off. So they are ungrounded pretty much all the time, and this contributes, I believe, to a lot of the new health and emotional problems that kids have today, and it's another factor to add to the list of causes such as junk food, lack of exercise, and being exposed to EMF pollution from long hours of television, computers and video games.

Many experts are saying that kids - and adults as well - need to get out in Nature more and are healthier and better adjusted if they do so. Stress levels fall within minutes of seeing green spaces, one authority said. I second that, and I would add one more thing: whether you go out into the countryside or in your own backyard, go out barefooted wherever possible. The stress level will drop even more.

Earthing helps circulation. That's obvious to me from seeing countless grey faces brighten up with colour from better blood flow. The first thing Iv'e noticed - within minutes - with a lot of people is a change in their colour. There's more colour in their faces or extremities.If the extremities are cold they tend to warm up. "There's something going on down there" people have often told me after ten or fifteen minutes. (Of being Earthed)

People who sleep grounded are calmer, more energetic, and less stressed during the day. They wake up with less stiffness and soreness in the morning.

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People with asthma and other respiratory ailments like bronchitis and emphysema breathe better. Ive seen this often with children who have asthma.

Headaches often become less intense and frequent, and sometimes go away altogether.

If you have heartburn, go outdoors and plant your feet on the ground for twenty minutes and see what happens. Heartburn and acid reflux benefit from grounding.

Earthing has a stabilising effect on the nervous system. One striking example of the healing potential of the nervous system was described to me by an acupuncturist who reported that after sleeping Earthed for a year, the mild and infrequent partial seizures she'd had for fifteen years seemed to have stopped.

If you have constipation, grounding may make you regular. It has done so for many people. Some individuals have told me they were able to discontinue taking laxatives.

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I have seen many people with debilitating arthritis who have dramatically improved. I saw this right from the very start.

For individuals who are bedridden, a grounded bed sheet can reduce or eliminate bedsores. Hospitals need to ground their patients!

Eczema and psoriasis improve. So does dry skin. And dry itchy eyes.

Food and pollen allergies improve and sometimes even clear up. Faulty immune systems seem to work better. By connecting with the Earth, it's as if you press a button on the immune system - like on a computer - that switches disabled to enabled. I know this from firsthand experience. Years ago when my kids were growing up, they would bring every virus and bug home from school, and I would inevitably catch what they got. In the twelve years since I have become grounded I've had a few colds but that's about it. I used to suffer from pollen allergies, with a particular sensitivity to juniper. When the juicers blossomed, I would have difficulty breathing for weeks. Certain foods would cause red blotches on my throat. If I ate strawberries I would breakout with something like hives. Oranges gave me canker sores. There were long stretches of time when I was living off drugstore allergy remedies just to be somewhat comfortable. One doctor told me to stop eating wheat and grains with gluten. I don't have any of that anymore. I eat everything. I don't have any problem with juniper or pollens.

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