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Better Health Through Natural Healing

How to get well without drugs or surgery

with Dr Ross Trattler N.D., D.O.

with the assistance of Adrian Jones N.D.

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Alternative medicines and therapies are becoming more and more mainstream as they prove their effectiveness for all sorts of aliments. Patients and the wider medical community are embracing what are now accepted as bona fide treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.

First published in 1985, Better Health Through Natural Healing has become one of the most successful and authoritative compendiums of its type. This second edition has been fully revised and updated by Dr Ross Trattler, with the assistance of Adrian Jones ND, to encompass recent developments in holistic medicine and healing. The first part of the book clearly explains the principles and tools of natural medicine, including diet, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and homoeopathy. The second part offers practical advice for the treatment of over 100 common diseases and ailments that families face.

This second edition of  Better Health Through Natural Healing is an essential family resource that unites traditional and alternative techniques with time-tested natural treatments drawing on the body’s natural healing abilities.

Acknowledgments v
Introduction to Second Edition vii
How to Use this Book ix
A Final Note xii
PART 1 What is Natural Medicine?  
Naturopathic medicine 3
The philosophy of naturopathic medicine 4
            The tools of naturopathy 10
            Botanical medicine 11
            Diet, fasting and nutritional therapy 23
            Homeopathy 33
            Hydrotherapy 36
            Physiotherapy and massage 48
Health topics of special interest 54
Possible toxic effects of some nutritional  
and botanical preparations                                          54
Antibiotics                                                                  61
When drugs and surgery are necessary 72
Part II How to Use Natural Medicine  
Acne 77
Aging 82
Alcoholism 96
Allergies and food intolerances 99
Anemia 107
Arthritis 111
Asthma, bronchial 119
Athlete’s foot 127
Baldness or hair loss 129
Bed sores 132
Bed-wetting 133
Behavioral disorders, depression, stress 136
Body odor 138
Boils, furuncles, and carbuncles 140
Bronchitis 143
Burns 146
Bursitis 148
Cancer 152
Cataracts 159
Catarrh 162
Celiac disease 165
Cervical dysplasia 167
Childhood diseases 168
Colds, coughs, and sore throats 173
Cold sores 178
Colitis 179
Constipation 182
Cradle cap 187
Cystitis and urethritis 188
Dandruff 191
Dehydration 194
Dementia 199
Diabetes 203
Diaper Rash 210
Diarrhea 214
Digestive disorders 217
Diverticulitis and diverticulosis 221
Earache 224
Edema 227
Emphysema 229
Epilepsy 232
Fatigue 236
Fever 241
Fibrocystic breast disease 244
Flat feet 245
Flatulence 249
Gallbladder disease 253
Glaucoma 257
Gout 260
Halitosis 262
Headache and migraine 265
Heart disease 268
Heavy metal poisoning 277
Hemorrhoids 282
Hepatitis 284
Herpes genitalis and cold sores 286
Hiatal hernia 288
Hiccup 290
Hives 291
Hyperactivity 293
Hypertension 299
Hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinism 306
Immune deficiency 311
Impotence 316
Incontinence 318
Infertility 321
Insect bites 323
Insomnia 324
Kidney disease 331
Kidney stones 333
Leaky gut 338
Leg cramps 340
Low back pain 341
Mastitis 351
Meniere’s disease 352
Menopausal problems 354
Menstrual disorders 359
Multiple sclerosis 364
Nail abnormalities 368
Neuritis and neuralgia 369
Nutritional deficiencies 371
Obesity 373
Osteoporosis 381
Parkinson’s disease 385
Peptic ulcer 388
Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis 391
Poison ivy 394
Premenstrual tension syndrome 394
Prostate disorders 399
Psoriasis 405
Salpingitis and salpingo-oophoritis 409
Schizophrenia 412
Scoliosis 417
Senile memory loss 424
Sinusitis 425
Skin cancer 428
Smoking 431
Sprains 435
Staphylococcal infection 437
Stress 441
Teeth and gum disease 445
Thoracic outlet syndrome and brachial neuralgia 451
Thyroid disorders 455
Tonsillitis and adenitis 458
Underweight 460
Vaginitis 464
Varicose veins and varicose ulcers 467
Warts 470
Worms 474
Wounds, minor cuts, bruises 475
Yeast infection  
APPENDIX I Remedies 481
APPENDIX II Naturopathic Websites 485
APPENDIX III Botanical Names 489

Better Health Through Natural Healing

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Only $29 plus P&H

Pricing for other destinations please ‘Click Here’

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